Each VIGYL candle is expertly crafted with premium, clean-burning ingredients, bespoke fragrance formulas, and natural cotton wicks. We drop gendered fragrance presumptions to create something dynamic and sensual, for humans who love on their own terms. Learn More

The Art Of

Candles, made curious. VIGYL is crafting a new candle narrative through sensorial storytelling. We pull from universal feelings, like pleasure, community, and discovery, to create experimental scents that emote. Take time to contemplate as you indulge in a new experience. .

Best scented candles for modern spaces, home decor and unique gifting.

Our candle collection features bespoke home fragrances that blend seamlessly into contemporary interiors, while providing a distinct expression of who lives there. Show intention by gifting for housewarmings, holidays and birthdays, to loved ones who appreciate style and design. To turn your favorite VIGYL scent into a statement piece, we recommend styling your candle in a vignette with curated accent pieces like coffee table books and sculptural objects that fit your space. The minimalist design of our smoke glass vessel will balance eclectic, colourful interiors or enhance monochrome spaces. To create an at-home wellness  sanctuary, place our fan-favorite Saintal candle with its calming woodsy notes in your bathroom. The rest is up to you!