What do you get when two up-and-coming Toronto candle brands collaborate on a limited edition holiday candle set?

The answer is Big Queen Energy! Inspired by the classic game of chess with a modern twist designed to spark conversation—the Big Queen Energy novelty pillars pack more than punchy colours.

“You’ll notice our Queen candle stands about half an inch taller than the King in this set, which was an intentional design detail both brands agreed was a long time coming! It speaks to the ethos of VIGYL, which is inherently queer and pushes back on gendered norms, especially in the home fragrance space. It’s giving ‘check yourself’ vibes and we love that,”  says VIGYL Founder and Creative Director Stephen Michlits.

The pillars are as much home decor objects as they are candles—a result of the studios custom designing the shapes and selecting colours with interior styling in mind. The tapered base of each candle makes it easy to display your candles on your coffee table, shelves and more.

“Our goal was to combine the playful essence of This Candle is Lit with the modern minimal aesthetic of VIGYL. We explored a number of concepts before agreeing that the iconic chess pieces would be the perfect forms for us to experiment with. We designed custom molds and hand-poured each candle for this limited collection. Shout out to the tall queens and short kings of the world,” says Veronica Gutierrez, founder of This Candle is Lit.

And the chess iconography doesn’t stop there. The B.Q.E packaging design features checkered print details in colours that coordinate with the candles inside. On the back, customers will find written in bold, bubbly letters: “Collaborations Are Cool”. 

The hand-poured two-pack arrived just in time for the holiday gifting season, and retails for $65.00. Big Queen Energy will be available for a limited time as only 100 sets were created for the capsule collaboration—so stuff your stockings while you can!

To learn more about This Candle is Lit visit https://thiscandleislit.com/