Smells Like:

Tampering in dark-sided stuff but still feeling like a spiritual warrior. Musky Ambition.

Scent Profile:

TOP NOTES: Orange, Lime, Pear

HEART NOTES: Electric Violet, Musk

BASE NOTES: Amber, Patchouli

Pairs Well with:  🥃 🥨 🏛️ 🐉 ❤️‍🔥 😈 🌹

Quickly becoming one of our best selling candles of 2022, Iconic is on track to earn its name and reputation in full. How did we get here? Read on and find out!

Inspiration often strikes when and where you least expect it, as was the case for our Iconic candle. In fact, it was a postage stamp, affixed to a years-old letter from Europe, that would serve as Iconic’s creative ‘spark’. Featuring a particularly dramatic piece of artwork neatly tucked into the right hand corner of the envelope, the stamp was a micro-sized reproduction of Caravaggio’s iconic painting “David With the Head of Goliath”,  c.1610. Our creative director was struck by the emotive power of the piece of work, even at such a small scale, and tucked it away like most inspirations—knowing it would serve a purpose eventually.



The famous Italian artist Caravaggio often depicted powerful figures as his dramatic subjects, and painted stark contrasts between light and shadow to enhance thematic storytelling. Further, his work is considered by many a masterclass in the style of Tenebrism, which can be identified by the use of a theatrical spotlight from which dark figures emerge. The result is an amplified expression of raw emotion. In this specific piece, David represents themes of ambition, justice, retribution.

Could we capture the scent of ambition and reward? Express the drama and intensity of justice and retribution? Those were the questions we asked ourselves as we began to form a fragrance story that would reveal itself from the shadows much like the subjects of Caravaggios work.



We crafted the Iconic candle fragrance with the intent to embody Caravaggio’s theatrics and complexity. The lingering heavy base notes of amber and musk are a representation of the darkness of the piece, while the fleeting bright top notes depict the light. They are entwined by patchouli, a signifier of spirituality, which epitomizes the theme of the great warrior. The result is a genderless, richly layered candle that feels universally chic, effortless and stylish.

“As the name states, this candle is truly iconic and has a unique smell that lasts long. I purchased it for myself, but it would also make for a great gift. It's modern-looking and works in any room in the house.”

Dustin A., Customer Review 12.07.22

The packaging for Iconic maintains our signature VIGYL candle minimal design aesthetic, which continues to serve as the base for all of our scent storytelling. With Iconic we explored the trials and triumphs of the underdog through a multi-sensory lens that goes beyond the featured artwork—which informed every design decision from the ‘scent story’ to the product photography. 



We think Iconic is the perfect pairing for the ambitious home fragrance connoisseur - but we wanted to let you hear the thoughts from our community. With site reviews now live, feel free to see what all the buzz is about and leave your own review!

As always, Stay LIT!